Are you a past, or current Tabler interested in joining Freemasonry in Middlesex ?

We meet four times a year on the Second Wednesday in January, March, May and November (Installation) at the Twickenham Masonic Centre, TW1 1HD

Meetings start at 5pm followed by a dinner.

For more information contact:- Secretary8301@virginmedia.com



R. W. Bro.

P.R.A Baker Pro Provincial Grand Master

Worshipful Master


J. Hunt

Senior Warden

W. Bro.

I.H. Amy, PPrJGD, PPrDepGReg (Surrey)

Junior Warden

W. Bro .

R.A. Holdaway, PPrSGW


W. Bro.

D.J. Palmer, PPrAGSwdB


W. Bro.

J.A. Simpson, PPrDepGReg


W. Bro.

A. Gohil, PPrSGD

Director of Ceremonies

W. Bro.

J.D. Andrews, PPrDepGReg


W. Bro.

N.S. Reay PProvSGD

Charity Steward

W. Bro.

W.R. Scott PPrJGW


W. Bro.

N.S. Reay PProvSGD

Senior Deacon

W. Bro.

J.L. Eynon PAGDC PProvDepGDC

Junior Deacon

W. Bro.

C.R. Blackmore, PPrDepGReg

Asst. Director of Ceremonies

W. Bro.

N. Ball, LGR

Acting Organist

W. Bro.

C.J. Fassam, PPrJGD

Assistant Secretary

W. Bro.

R.S. Curd, PPrSGD

Inner Guard


W. Bro.

C.E. Covolo Machado

Immediate Past Master


RTLoM Members Nov 2019
Members of the Lodge present at the Installation Meeting on 13th November 2019
RTLoM Officer 2018 - 2019
Officers of the Lodge 2018-19
(l to r) W.Bro. A. Gohil, PPrSGD DC; W.Bro. I.H. Amy, PPrJGD, PPrDepGReg (Surrey) SD; W.Bro. J.L. Eynon, PAGDC, PProvDepGDC SW; W.Bro. C.E. Covolo Machado WM; Bro. J.B. Hunt JW; W.Bro. C.R. Blackmore, PPrDepGReg ADC; W.Bro. N.S. Reay, PProvSGD JD
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